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Brand Colace
Item Form Capsule
Product Benefits Constipation Control
Age Range (Description) Kid
Specific Uses For Product Constipation
  • Colace Regular Strength capsules gently soften dry, hard and painful stool - a safe, stimulant-free and gentle option for a #2 that’s easy to do.
  • Number 1 Doctor recommended stool softener brand. Provides gentle, dependable and effective relief from occasional constipation in 12 to 72 hours.
  • Stimulant-free: Colace’s active ingredient, docusate sodium, allows water and fats to get into the stool, which helps soften it and makes passing it more comfortable.
  • Gently softens stools: Colace Regular Strength Stool Softener relieves many symptoms of occasional constipation, including infrequent or irregular bowel movements, straining during bowel movements & hard dry stools.
  • Occasional constipation relief during pregnancy & for new moms (post-partum). (If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health professional before use.)
  • Comfort, Movement, and TrustWhich Colace is right for you?Frequently asked QuestionsFluidsDietRegularExercise





    Drink plenty of fluids. If you are on a fluid-restricted diet, please consult your doctor about your recommended fluid intake.

    Eat regular meals. Eat foods high in fiber, such as whole grain and bran cereals, beans, potatoes, broccoli, corn, and fresh fruits. Avoid large amounts of milk, cheese, meat, fatty foods, and sugar if you are prone to constipation.

    Try to use the bathroom at the

    same time each day. Do not ignore the need to have a bowel

    movement (BM).

    Just a 20-30 minute walk or any

    other regular exercise may help prevent constipation.

    Colace Regular Strength 60 Ct

    콜레이스 레귤러 스트렝스 대변 유연제 100mg 대변연화제 Colace Regular Strength Stool Softener 100 mg

    SKU: ‎B09RS1WN8Y
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