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슈퍼73, 오닉스 자전거 수출 전문 대행업체입니다. 

주문하시면 집에서 받으시기까지 모든비용이 포함되어있으면 일체 추가 비용이 없습니다.



Plug-N-Play headlight upgrade for Super73 motorbikes. This headlight has been customized to be a direct replacement for the headlight on the S2, R, RX, or ZX. It features a wider and brighter beam pattern with 2 settings. There is a switch to toggle between daytime running lights and the main LED driving lights. It connects to the same plug as the OEM headlight, and offers an improved function and aesthetic.

High beam upgrade features daytime running lights, LED standard lights, and high beam lights. Toggle between each light option with our upgraded switch.

*Please note the R (non-RX) and ZX come with an external battery pack to power the light. It will be fully convertible to run off of the bikes main battery when Super73 releases their DC step down converter. It does NOT run off the green 5 pin plug, which is not for a light.

- Osram 6000K led's
- 3000 lumen low beam / 5000 lumen high beam
- Top/bottom DRL (daytime running lights)
- Handlebar switch for DRL and main lights (uses stock controller for on/off)
- 22awg wiring to accommodate increased amperage

- 6" Osram LED headlight
- Aluminum housing bracket
- Fork brackets
- Handlebar switch
- 3 pin plug compatible with factory plug

tools needed for installation:
- adjustable wrench
- hex key set


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케인빌트 LED 헤드라이트 키트 슈퍼73용 -LED Headlight Kit for Super73

$199.00 일반가
    • 오유에스박스의 ​모든 제품은 특별한 노트가 없으면 배송비와 관부가세가 포함되어있습니다. 

    • ​제품 구매 수량이나 금액이 150불을 초과시 관부가세 면제를 위해 분할 발송이 될 수 있습니다.

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