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  • Shelf Life 30 Years
  • 28 Servings
  • 15 Pouches
  • Cook in Pouch
  • Just Add Water



Product Details

Prepare for whatever life throws your way with Mountain House’s Emergency Meals Kit.

This stackable kit contains 28 servings of Mountain House meals. Add this to your emergency food supply for approximately three to five days worth of food.

With 15 total pouches of delicious just-add-water breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees, you'll be ready to take on anything:


  • Granola with Milk & Blueberries (3 pouches)— Crunchy granola, milk and real blueberries. Each pouch yields two 2/3 -cup servings.
  • Scrambled Eggs with Bacon (2 pouches)— The comforting taste and smell of crispy, bacon crumbles combined with scrambled eggs. Each pouch yields 1 serving.
  • Lasagna with Meat Sauce* (4 pouches)— classic pasta and real cheese in a mouthwatering meaty sauce. Each pouch serves up two 1¼-cup servings.
  • Chicken & Dumplings (3 pouches)— Chicken, vegetables, and fluffy dumpling bites in a creamy white gravy. Contains two 1-cup servings.
  • Beef Stroganoff with Noodles (3 pouches)— Tender beef, noodles, and mushrooms smothered in a rich sour cream sauce Contains two 1½-cup servings.
  • Shelf Life; 30 years
  • Kit measurements: 11.8125"(L) x 7.875"(W) x 13.5"(H)
  • Requires 18.5 total cups of water to rehydrate or just over 1 gallon (1.156 gallon)
  • Kit weighs 3.6 lbs.


No matter what life throws your way, you can expect our meals to taste fresh and delicious when you need them. Thanks to our Taste Guarantee, Mountain House meals will still taste amazing 30 years after they're made. With the longest shelf life in the emergency food industry, it's easy to see why emergency preppers everywhere choose Mountain House.

마운틴하우스 비상식량 28인분- Mountain House Emergency Meal Kit 15

SKU: 100642273
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